PavĂȘ Gastronomia Visual - Design, Animate, Composite, Color, Finish

O'Malley collaborates with producers, clients and corporations at all levels; as full-on-filmmaker, director, shooter, editor, live action and post producer and flow consultant.  Like, as visual effects director for Sundance selected The Merry Gentleman, a film starring and directed by actor, Michael Keaton.

That film, as with lots of O'Malley's work, was done in close partnership with Rio de Janeiro based Pavê Gastronomia Visual, whose designing partners Eduardo Souza and Rodrigo Lima are longtime creative associates of O’Malley and key creative components of our special service offerings.

From a studio in the heart of Rio, we blend live-action imagery with motion design, animation and vfx, finished with a composition reduction, color grading garnish and a side of sweet or salty soundtrack.

Multi-talented Pavê artists have extensive experience with Carnaval Pictures in all areas of media creation, including custom jobs like, Johnson Controls' Growth Showcase, a live action and animated brand adventure, rear-projected on a frosted glass wall 20'Wx10'H with original Dolby 5.1 surround score, or the Pavê directed Pelé Station; an over 100'Wx10'H multi-projector subway-stop-installation designed for the Berlin Soccer World Cup.  And we also create Cinema Advertising.

Our work has been selected by international film festivals.  We hope you like us too...

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